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Bombuaka, Togo: May 2012

Publishing date: 11/04/2013

Between 5 and 19 May 2012 develops the first expedition team to Boumbouaka CHAMBBAA, Togolese town of Savannah in the north of the country, 50 minutes from the city of Dapaong (capital of the savannah).

The program takes place in the OR SAN RAFAEL, funded by the Mapfre Foundation. It deals mainly disabled children with neurological problems and musculoskeletal and run by the religious order and the Association DON ORIONE CHAMBBÀA.

The expedition has been composed of 15 professionals, including 11 funded organization that autofinanciaron.La and 4 self-financing ratio was not having a scheduled job to do for lack of initial data in the development of their professional activities, being proposition staff conducting a prospective study in order to mount an expedition possible in coming months.

The trip took place from Valencia to Casablanca and Casablanca-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) where, after a night's sleep, we set off at dawn by road to Dapaong (7 hours). The return trip was just as coming to Valencia May 19.

The work began on May 7 with a query in the center Don Orione, which were selected pathologies treatable torsi allergy. After installing the new operating room, the day began May 8 surgical activity. Surgical sessions were held on May 16 and 8-9-10-11-14-15. Apart from the consultation of the day May 7 to elect surgery patients likely to be consulted on new cases every day in the same surgical unit.

The pathologies treated were for the following specialties:

  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Urology
  • Odontostomatology


Beyond the strictly surgical pathology, medical consultations were attended to patients in other specialties as:

  • General Medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Urology
  • Traumatology
  • Plastic surgery

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